5 Quick Ways to Declutter Your Books

School’s out and summer has sprung.

Even if you and yours are done with school, it’s still a great time of year to clear out all those dust-collecting books and magazines that have piled up over the winter, to make space for what matters.

This week, tackle your shelves, nightstands, coffee tables - anywhere your reading materials pile up, and start clearing.

  • Used textbooks- out they go - for resale or donation.

  • Novels, non-fiction or biographies– box them up to donate to your local library, or resell at a secondhand bookstore or yard sale.

  • Make a “return” trip with overdue library books.

  • Magazines- that growing pile you keep thinking you’ll get to? You probably won’t. Those that are fairly current make a great donation to to nursing homes, retirement communities, or women’s shelters.

Tracy’s Tip:

If you’ve ever been through chemo or accompanied someone who has, you know it’s a long, tedious, and uncomfortable process. I love to pull together a bag full of beautiful magazines and lighthearted books to drop off for patients and their companions to enjoy.