Unlike most of us, Tracy McCubbin is energized at the prospect of tackling a houseful of clutter.


Born and raised in Northern California, TRACY MCCUBBIN began her working life as a personal assistant to busy Hollywood professionals. She especially enjoyed the “fixer” aspect of her job, clearing away the problems of the day in order to free her bosses to focus on bigger things. 

Making space for what matters has become a founding principle of dClutterfly, Tracy’s successful organizing company, based in Los Angeles. Her business has rapidly grown to thousands of happy clients, including Mindy Kaling, Patricia Heaton and Stephanie March. 

What sets Tracy and dClutterfly apart from rest? Well, that’s an emotionally-loaded answer. ;-) 

Every day, people who are paying me by the hour to get rid of their excess stuff, give me reasons why they can’t let go of their excess stuff. I kept hearing the same seven reasons over and over and started to understand that when you want to do something but simply can’t, there is an emotional block there.

These 7 Emotional Clutter Blocks are revealed in Tracy’s new book, Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book on Decluttering You’ll Ever Need. Through insightful and vivid storytelling, she shows how these blocks - and the clutter that accompanies them - can be vanquished, once and for all.


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