Make Space for What Matters

Free yourself of clutter, and the emotional attachments to it.

Tracy McCubbin, Founder & Chief DClutterer

Tracy McCubbin, Founder & Chief DClutterer


Founded by Tracy McCubbin in 2006, dClutterfly is a rapidly expanding organizing company with thousands of happy clients.  Tracy-trained teams are dispatched around the country, helping people break through their own ClutterBlocks, to finally, MAKE SPACE FOR WHAT MATTERS.

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Making Space, Clutter Free: The Last Book on DeCluttering You’ll Ever Need.

Solving Your Clutter Crisis — For Good

Decluttering and organizing your life is not just about getting rid of the clutter. If you do that - without addressing the often unconscious emotional reason as to WHY it’s there - guess what? The clutter will creep back into your home, and your life.

We’ve created a method that helps you identify the Emotional Clutter Blocks that might be getting in the way between you and making space for what matters.

Want to find out what’s blocking you?

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dClutterfly Services

We’re here to help you tackle the daunting, make your home more efficient and your life more livable.


Home Decluttering

  • Home organization

  • Garage organizing

  • Closet audits

  • Office organization

Estate & Senior Downsizing

  • Decluttering unwanted items

  • Transfer of heirlooms

  • Packing & unpacking

  • Home staging for sale

Moving Services

  • Decluttering before packing

  • Packing & unpacking

  • Moving management

  • Multiple locations


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Happy Customers

Our thousands of clients are a million times happier now that they’re dCluttered!

There is a reason your business is reviewed so positively and that you are so well-recommended. You provide a unique service that people do not even realize they need. I am so grateful to you and your team. Thank you for protecting the dignity of a legacy-filled home as it changes hands.”
— F.S., Los Angeles