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Letting go of the fantasy that I would read them some long rainy weekend (and perhaps even write a short story based on them), today I packed up a box of 100-year-old letters written by my grandparents while they were engaged. When I received them from my cousin, I thought I was getting a handful of letters, not 90 of them.

They will be cared for by the Jewish Historical Society, who will organize and preserve them. And if I really want to read each letter, I can always visit them in
— Ellen O., Whippany, NJ

Tracy! Thank you so so much for everything you did yesterday!! The room looks beautiful! After a bit of a bumpy start my mother did begin to settle in and started to enjoy seeing all of her things around the room and I cannot thank you and your team enough. You really did a spectacular job. This would not have been possible without your calm, spectacularly well organized and experienced team and your confident and patient guidance. Honestly, 2 weeks ago I could never have imagined this move was possible, let alone in such a great way. Thank you! -Lauren M.

  • Oh my gosh, I am so please with my clean & organized garage. It stressed me out every time I pulled my car in there with all that stuff scattered everywhere. I smile when I walk in there now & I have so much room!!! So glad I found your company, I like organization but felt a little overwhelmed with the mess in my garage and your crew came in and straightened it all out. - Melissa

Thanks for everything and all your dClutterfly help! We were dreading facing a seemingly insurmountable amount of stuff and you not only got us through it, but made it fun! We really appreciate you driving up here and all your expert advice and guidance. Hope you had a safe drive back and get some rest before your next job. We both sacked out within minutes after you left. We were spent but felt a huge weight was lifted. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rob & Sarah, Marin, California

There is a reason your business is reviewed so positively and that you are so well-recommended. You provide a unique service that people do not even realize they need. I am so grateful to you and your team. Thank you for protecting the dignity of a legacy-filled home as it changes hands." 
F.S., Los Angeles

  • Tracy is like a tornado, only instead of blowing everything apart, she blows everything into place." — Elaine, New York City

I sit in my newly formed home office, surround by, not clutter, but all the things I love and I will forever thing of you and our day. Thank you again!" - Flea, Los Angeles

Thank you from all of us. You all were great and the garage looks FANTASTIC!” L.D., Los Angeles

- We’ve been in our new house for a day and it feels like we’ve lived here for 10 years. Thank you dClutterfly!” Jason & Jessica, Hollywood Hills, California

  • You are a miracle from heaven. Can we marry you? - N&C


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