dClutterfly offers a variety of professional home decluttering and organization services in Los Angeles, New York and across the US. Contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a free consult.

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dClutterfly Services Include

Home dCluttering

We’ll turn your chaotic kitchen into an efficient creative space. Your cluttered office? From hobbling to humming.

Closet Audit

A decluttered and organized closet will make getting dressed in the morning a snap. Out with the old and unworn and streamline and color code what remains.

Garage Organization

We will make your garage so clean and pristine, you can actually park your car in it!

Find out more about our Garage Organization Packages.

Moving Services

Moving is complicated and overwhelming. We help streamline and simplify the process so you arrive in your fresh, new space inspired and energized.

Our approach: declutter before packing so you only move the items that work for you. We also help you pack, unpack, downsize into a smaller space, even send items to multiple locations.

Senior Downsizing

Moving from the family home is an emotional, trying time, especially for older adults who may have physical limitations. We can help coordinate this from top to bottom, with a gentle respect for the legacy and memories.

Downsizing services include: decluttering of unwanted items, getting family heirlooms to the next generation and packing and unpacking services.  We can work with realtors to get homes staged and on the market quickly.

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Estate dCluttering

The loss of a loved one is painful enough. When compounded with the task of clearing out their estate, it can be downright immobilizing. Whether it’s sorting out the home of your parents, or clearing out the living space of a spouse or life partner, we bring our years of experience, along with respect for the memories, to make the unthinkable doable.

Virtual dCluttering

Skype, Zoom or Facetime. We’ll get you decluttering anywhere in the world.

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