Senior Downsizing Checklist

This timetable is the in the perfect-world scenario so go easy on yourself!

ASAP - First Things First

  • Determine where you are moving to.

6+ Months

  • Set your move-in date.

  • Interview realtors, if you are selling your house.

  • Get the floor plan and exact measurements of the new place so you can figure out what of your furniture will fit.

  • Start to interview movers.

      • Get referrals.

      • Research on Yelp

  • Call appraisers.

      • After receiving appraisals, decide if it’s worth it to have an estate sale or just donate or give away items that aren’t going with you.

  • Take a video of your old house to commemorate how it was before you start dismantling it.

3 Months

  • Book movers and schedule move date.

  • Purchase packing supplies, if you are packing yourself.

  • Start the process of clearing out, room by room.

      • Garage

      • Attic and/or Basement

      • Guest Room

      • Linen Closet

      • Office

      • Living Room

      • Dining Room

      • Bedroom

      • Kitchen

  • Collect and keep together important papers.

  • Let your family know of the timeline and arrange for pick-up of items that they may want

  • Start packing the items not needed till after the move.

1 Month

  • Complete address changes. Consider sending out a new home announcement to gather support from loved ones during the big change.

  • Notify:

    • post office

    • credit cards

    • bank accounts

    • investment/retirement accounts

    • Medicare & Social Security

    • voter's registration

    • family & friends

    • driver's license/car registration

    • newspaper/magazine subscriptions

    • social clubs & places of worship

    • lawyer, accountant, insurance agent,

  • If you have pets, consider boarding them, if so then schedule boarding.

2 Weeks Before Move

  • Refill all your prescriptions

  • Cancel utilities, cable, TV & phone at old home. Schedule installation of same at new

1 Week Before Move

  • Pack the rest of the house

  • Estate Sale, if you are having one.

  • Arrange for donations

  • Arrange trash pick up

  • Pack a first box. Don’t load on the truck, take with you.

  • Pack Day, if moving company is packing

  • Donation & Trash Haul

Move Day

  • One Final Sweep

  • Say Goodbye to old home and hello to new home!