My Closet Organizing Tips

Go ahead, do it. Open your master closet. What’s the first thought that comes to mind? Overwhelming? Crammed? A walk down memory lane?

It’s time for fall clothes and a good closet audit can change the way you look at the new season. When you’ve edited down to the pieces you use and love; when you’ve hung and folded and color coordinated them, you’ll be able to actually see what you have, and shop your closet. And that’s fun!

The fact is, we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. So edit ruthlessly. Are you tripping over clothes too big or too small? Out. Items you haven’t worn in ages? Gone. Saving clothes for when your kids grow up? Doubtful! 

Donating your no-longer-wanted clothes is a great option to keep them out of the landfill and out of the closet. Just be sure people can use them. Donations with holes or stains means you’re just making someone else do your dirty work. 

Keep in mind that foster agencies accept donations of clean, working suitcases, duffels and backpacks, to be used by kids headed to temporary homes. 

Trimmed down and ready for the finishing touches? Try some of my favorite closet organizing goods:

Soft Hangers

Wooden Hangers

Skirt and Pant Hangers

Shoe Organizer

Tracy’s Tip:  

Thrift stores are often overrun. Because clothes are so cheap now, people don’t want the second hand stuff as much. My Recycling Guide has links to recycling programs from companies like H&M, Madewell and Northface, and other resources to keep your donated clothes from finding their way to the trash.

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