Everything Under the Kitchen Sink

It can be scary under there. Damp, grungy, funky clutter that makes you just want to close your eyes and close that door.  But be brave. There’s (probably) not a troll under there. 

Here are tips on decluttering under the sink once and for all, and make space for what matters!

Remove everything and lay it all out. 
Lose all the products you haven’t used in a long time. 
Toss the moldy rags and sponges. 
Consolidate half-used bottles with each other - just make sure you don’t combine different products - avoid the chemistry experiment gone awry! 
Then give everything you’re keeping - and the cabinet itself - a good cleaning. 

Now, organize your stuff in a way that makes this little space a lot more efficient.  Here’s where I think a few organizing tools can really come in handy. 

Store cleaning supplies in a grab-and-go caddy. 
A lazy susan - a great way to access all your products in a quick spin. 
Hooks or racks on the cabinet door are perfect for rubber gloves, soap and sponges. 
tension rod suspended atop the cabinet interior is ideal for hanging spray bottles.

Tracy’s Tip:  

Don’t buy anything without measuring under there first! There’s nothing more annoying than returning home with your beautiful new lazy susan, ready to set it up, and discovering it doesn’t fit!