When Kids are Away, the Clutter-Beast You Slay!

Kids are clutter magnets, and their rooms are ground zero. When kids are out of the house this summer, perhaps at sleepaway or day camp, seize the opportunity to make space for what matters when school kicks in.
What’s more, if they return to an efficient, organized space, pared down to the items they actually use, it should be easier for them to keep their own rooms liveable and tidy.  Hey, a girl can dream, right? 

Trash The Trash 
The lone barbie stiletto. Gum wrappers. Scraps of paper. Cereal box toys. That dusty glob of homemade slime. They won’t miss it. 

Closet Audit
Kids grow like weeds, so chances are you’ll find too-small clothes and shoes taking up precious space. Another common offender: never-worn clothes with tags that are probably never going to be worn. Everything in great condition can be passed along to friends or shelters; anything stained but clean is ideal for fabric recycling. 

Hang It Up 
The piles of clothes, backpacks, shoes…  the more you can get off the floor the better. Make sure you have more than enough hangers to cover everything, and start hanging. I encourage parents to stick to a clean floor maxim!

Books & Toys To Go 
The zoo of motley stuffed animals, the headless doll, books and games that haven’t been opened in years, it’s time to find them all new homes. 

Back To School Setup
Homework will be easier with a filing system and bulletin board to keep track of their own projects and work flow. Inexpensive bins are ideal for stashing gear from after-school activities, like soccer or ballet gear, while keeping everything organized and off the floor! 


Tracy’s Tip:  

Resist buying kids clothes on sale, for them to wear in future seasons.  Nine times out of ten, it’s a gamble that doesn’t pay off. Remember, it’s not a bargain if it doesn’t get used!