Keep it Organized. Resist the Fling.

We’ve all been there. We arrive home after a long day, and the flinging begins.

Keys, tossed under the pile of mail. Shoes, kicked under the coffee table. Dirty dishes, stacked in the sink, right next to the dishwasher.

Whenever I’m tempted to fling (which is every day)

I can still hear my wonderful grandma,

“Tracy. Don’t put it down. Put it away.”

Of course she’s right.

After all, it takes a few more seconds to put something away, but it saves you more than a few seconds from a mad search for it the next morning. That’s why I always say to clients, “clutter is just delayed decision making.”

Tracy’s Tip:

Have plenty of empty hangers in the front of your closet, ready and waiting to receive your coats, blazers, and work trousers. When you change into your comfy clothes, just stand right in front of your closet and hang up your work clothes as you change.

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