Make Space for Family Dinners

A makeshift conference room. Laundry center. Mail drop. Storage facility. I’ve seen so many dining rooms (or dining tables) used for everything but dining.

There’s no amount of stuff worth sacrificing nourishing dinners at the table, where everyone can relax and reconnect after a busy day. It sure beats eating in front of the TV! So let’s do this! Let’s clear that clutter off the table and out of your dining room, once and for all. 

Kids’ art projects, old homework, work bags, files, storage bins, sports equipment. Everything that doesn’t belong gets rerouted to where it should be: the home office, the garage, the kids’ homework area, or whenever possible, the recycling/donation/trash bin. 

Over the years, we can accumulate quite a collection of dishes, serving pieces, cutlery, baskets, dingy placemats and unusable tablecloths. Give your dining space storage some breathing room by purging all the stuff you haven’t used in years, especially chipped or damaged items. Keep what you love and use, whether it’s every day or every holiday season. Everything else, out it goes! 

Grace your freshly decluttered space with a vase of fresh flowers, or even some pretty greens from your backyard. 

Need help turning those must-keep piles into workable solutions? Try some of my favorite storage and organizing stuff:

Tracy’s Tip:  

Do you have beautiful heirloom china that’s languishing in a cabinet? What good is it doing in there? Remember, there is very little china out there that has any resale value. 

So use it, adore it, even run it through the dishwasher. 
Life is short.  Use your good china. Even on a Tuesday night with Chinese takeout!

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